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Commitment to Quality & Service In Every Airtex Fuel Pump Assembly

Recognized as a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of mechanical and electric fuel pumps in North America, Airtex has been leveraging its extensive expertise to bring leading fuel pump solutions and unsurpassed technical support to the automotive aftermarket, OEMs and specialty manufacturers for the past 80 years.

Our mission is to deliver fuel pumps, assemblies and accessories of exceptional quality for the widest range of vehicles on the road, and to provide unmatched support to DIYers and technicians completing fuel pump installations or repairs. From our Illinois headquarters, our expert engineers, technical support members and product representatives provide both innovative automotive product solutions and develop the industry’s most comprehensive library of fuel pump-related technical resources including how-to videos, bulletins and informative flyers.

Our extensive product line includes fuel pumps and assemblies for a full range of domestic and import cars and trucks, heavy-duty fleet vehicles and specialty vehicles. With U.S. vehicles now averaging life spans of over 11 years, our engineers design every Airtex fuel pump assembly to provide years of reliable, steadfast service. Our automotive solutions are engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications and ISO standards, and are rigorously tested throughout the design and manufacturing processes to ensure dependable performance from your Airtex fuel pump assembly.

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