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Helpful Videos

Learn How to Install a Fuel Pump from the Pros at Airtex

As part of Airtex’s commitment to delivering unmatched support to our customers, we have developed an extensive library of instructional videos. Visit Airtex Pumps on YouTube for access to hundreds of how-to videos and technical tips as well as special promotions and marketing videos.

Our videos cover these common installation and repair topics:

  • How to install a fuel pump on many vehicle makes and models
  • Cleaning the fuel tank
  • Common diagnostic procedures
  • Common fuel delivery myths

With over 10,000 subscribers and more than 8 million views, the Airtex YouTube Channel provides a 24-7 mobile-friendly technical resource to DIYers and technicians. Airtex will continue to upload new videos as we expand our product coverage. These informational videos provide yet another tool in our commitment to unsurpassed quality, coverage and support.

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