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Audi Fuel System Tech Tip: Dealing With Low Fuel Pressure DTCs

June 8, 2015

Due to fuel intrusion into the low-pressure ¬system fuel pressure sensor (G410), a false signal may be sent to the controller, resulting in a reading that is out of tolerance. Model: 2007 Audi A4 Sedan V6-3.2L Scenario: The MIL is on and one or more of the following DTCs is stored in the engine control […]

Mazda Tech Tip: Fuel System Servicing Precaution

May 15, 2015

Applicable Models: 2004-’07 Mazda3 2005-’07 Mazda6 2006-’07 MX-5 vehicles During service/removal of fuel system parts on the above vehicles, the memory of the malfunctions and the long-term fuel trim need to be cleared by either removing the fuse for the PCM or disconnecting the negative battery cable for at least 60 seconds. If not, the […]

Contaminated Fuel Can Wreck Havoc On Fuel Delivery Systems

May 12, 2015

Although cases involving contaminated gasoline are relatively rare nowaday they still occur. In many cases, the technician has replaced the fuel pump or mass air flow (MAF) sensor to address a P0171/P0174 “lean-condition” DTC with no result. In all likelihood, the technician didn’t consider the possibility that the vehicle’s fuel might be contaminated with E85 […]

Average Vehicle Age Soars, Aftermarket Products Industry Thrives

April 10, 2015

Aftermarket Sales Increase: The Effect of a Stagnant Auto Industry? Automotive News reported that the average age of the vehicles on American roads is almost 11 years (1). As such, the aftermarket industry is thriving. According to AN, the average vehicle age should continue to increase, meaning reliable, high performance aftermarket parts are at a […]


Automotive technology is changing almost as rapidly as cell phone and computer technology. Fortunately, manufacturers usually only introduce new models once every year. Service technicians and mechanics do need to keep up with technology changes in order to stay on top of their careers. Electronic Systems Electronic control modules are normal features in new car designs. The […]

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