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OE and Automotive Aftermarket Supplier

Airtex serves the OEMs and the automotive aftermarket with product offerings for a full range of vehicle, truck, fleet and specialty components. Airtex designs and manufactures fuel delivery systems with the precision, technical know-how and over 80 years of expertise that meets and exceeds original equipment design specifications. Certified ISO TS16949, Airtex incorporates the latest technological innovations, adhering to OE design philosophy while continuously improving design for better performance.

Airtex OE features advanced global design capabilities with regional technical centers in North America, Europe and Asia with the ability to share development programs.

We are highly proficient at working directly with input from our customer’s engineers’ on connections, flow requirement, fuel type, pressure, expected life cycle etc. to develop customized pumps for their specific application.

Our complete suite of engineering tools utilizing CAD, CAE, CFD, PLM, FEA for development enable us to provide the best design and development services. Airtex’s rapid prototype and extensive testing capabilities enable us to properly develop just a pump, pump modules and pump controllers – both integrated or external.

There’s a reason why Airtex products have been around for over 80 years. Our products and service never let you down. We deliver exceptional quality that improves upon design and performance of aftermarket replacements. Plus, Airtex provides unsurpassed coverage for a full range of domestic and import vehicles, covering more than 250 million vehicles in operation today. You can find Airtex’s aftermarket products at select retailers and various independent jobber stores.

It’s this commitment to quality, coverage and unmatched support that keeps Airtex at the top of our industry.

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