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Technical Info

Reference our Flyers, Bulletins & More to Streamline Fuel Pump Repairs & Installations

As part of our commitment to providing unmatched support, Airtex offers DIYers and technicians an extensive library of informative downloads that can help guide them through common installation and diagnostic procedures. Whether you need a checklist of diagnostics to perform on your fuel pump assembly, or you are trying to determine if a universal fuel pump is compatible with your application, Airtex’s library of informative downloads has many of the answers you need to help you streamline your fuel pump repair or installation.

Technical Information
Fuel System Misdiagnosis Flyer
Fuel Delivery Technical Training
Fuel Delivery System Diagnostics Flyer
Basic Fuel System Electrical Checks Flyer
Enhanced Product Flyer

Technical Service Bulletins
06–08 Chevrolet Impala & Impala SS Technical Service Bulletin
E2439M – 04–05 Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer 4.0 V6
Chrysler Applications (1991-2003) – Air Purge Required After Module Installation
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 5.9L Diesel Truck Fuel Pump Replacement
E85 and FFV – Flex Fuel Vehicles
Truck Bed Removal to Access the Fuel Pump
Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump Positioning/Alignment
Dodge Truck Adapter Harnesses
Daewoo Fuel Pump Modules
Chrysler Fuel Pump Modules
New Airtex Improved Connector and Pigtail for GM Fuel Pump Modules
Airtex Offers Improved Fuel Pump Design for Dodge/Cummins Diesel Applications
Universal Fuel Pump Applications
Fuel Pump Float Arm Assembly
Cleaning the Fuel Tank
GM Fuel Pump Assembly Harness (WH-3000, light truck applications)
GM Fuel Pump Assembly Harness (WH-3010, automotive applications)

Installation Instructions
X91191 Fuel Pump Quick Installation Guide
X91205 E7153 Dodge Diesel Fuel Pump Installation
X91216 Float Arm Installation
X91218 GM Wiring Harness Installation
X91219 E3557M Saturn Fuel Pump Installation
X91220 E8032 Nissan Fuel Pump Installation
X91221 BMW Fuel Pump Installation
X91229 Ford Electric Fuel Pump Installation
X91230 Fuel Pump Quick Installation Guide – Rear Seat Access
X91234 E8442H BMW Fuel Pump Installation
X91235 E3626M GM Fuel Pump Installation



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