Your Fuel Pump – The Hidden Secret to Increasing Engine Performance

So you are redoing your car to make it a little faster, and you think you’ve thought of everything. New heads, new tires, new suspension, maybe even a tougher transmission. Everything is good to go, right? Maybe not. There is one item that you may have overlooked when you were making improvements. Replacing your fuel pump can provide a couple of benefits that you may not have thought of when you were planning your overhaul.


When you replace your old, poorly functioning fuel pump with a new model, your vehicle is just going to run better.  If your vehicle’s engine is sluggish or doesn’t want to start in the morning, a new fuel pump may be just what the doctor ordered. New fuel pump models get the fuel from the tank to your engine with a lot less effort than a fuel pump that isn’t running at its best. Plus, you can be assured that the fuel that gets into your injectors or carburetor is cleaner, as it’s not picking up any debris that is laying around in your old fuel pump. As a result, there will be less nasty buildup inside your engine after you clean the tank during the install. And when your vehicle is running at its peak, you are going to save money at the gas pump.


A new fuel pump can possibly increase the horsepower output of your engine by 5-10 horsepower, depending upon how your old fuel pump was performing. This will make your drive time a lot more enjoyable – if you have to go somewhere, you might as well get there faster. A new fuel pump may also give you increased power for takeoffs and passing slower vehicles. If you are one that likes to hit the local track on the weekend, you want to squeeze all the horsepower you can out of your engine to give you the advantage over the competition.

Though a new fuel pump will not give you extra horsepower like a cam or set of heads, it is an inexpensive way to make your vehicle run better, if your old fuel pump is performing poorly. This replacement is fairly straightforward and painless as well; most people can get it done in a couple of hours. The payoff is well worth the investment and effort. If you are in the market for a new fuel pump, check out what Airtex has to offer. We have been building quality fuel pumps for over 75 years. Our parts are made in the United States so you know you are getting the best fuel pump on the market. Plus, Airtex fuel pumps are affordable so it won’t break your budget. Doesn’t your vehicle deserve the very best?


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